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So you are ready to learn Calligraphy

and create your own Magic?

I felt like my creativity was dormant and blocked for ages, until I came across Calligraphy & Lettering.

Since it came into my life, it has opened a gate to connect with my inner creative and my divine intuition.

This practice is not only beautiful, but it's also a self-love practice. I have found that in my most stressful times, sitting on my desk with my inks and my paper has given me permission to pause and hold the space to finally listen to what my heart and soul

needed to express. 

Are you ready to start this journey with me?

Check out my online & in-person workshop offer so you can too open that beautiful gate to your creativity to re-connect with your inner-self.


Not quite sure where to start or your workshop is not available yet?


If you are looking to create a meaningful experience for your team, where they can declutter their minds and stretch their bonds, this is the right workshop for them.

Get in touch with me to organise your private workshop either online or in-person, catered to your team size and needs,

Find out what clients like Google and VMCH have to say.

Booking Anchor

Thank you so much for your patience and energy, Vanessa! So thoughtful to take us through everything with such clear and actionable steps. We loved seeing our progress from start to finish. A great way to spend the afternoon with our team. Thanks again!

We've done a quite a few classes with Vanessa now and will continue to do so. She is an absolute master of her craft and teaches beginners clearly and patiently.

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