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“This is for you if you have been

longing to find a safe & sacred space

to feel seen, heard & held

Let me hold you while you heal

Because I didn’t have the support that I needed in my darkest days,

I know how important it is to have a safe, understanding person who can guide you

through that path while you walk yourself back home.

I’m devoted to helping others reconnect to their inner divinity in times of darkness.

This is what I hope to achieve in every session I offer wherever you are at in your

own healing journey so you can always feel seen, heard & held.

An invitation to my 1:1 offerings

  • A unique mix of Reiki, Crystals and Rose Codes

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    1 hr

    120 Australian dollars
  • Rose Codes Transmissions - Sacred Women’s Work

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    1 hr

    120 Australian dollars
  • Available Online

    Understand your past and present to clear and unlock your way forward

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    1 hr

    80 Australian dollars

P.S. I know how difficult and overwhelming is to move forward and asking for help, especially when grief hits hard. It is not uncommon to experience financial hardship while we navigate

our way out of darkness. If you are under financial distress, please don't hold back because of this reason - I save part of my work to offer pro-bono sessions.

When you heal yourself you heal the world. Reach out via email and we will find ways to work together:

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