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My healing journey

and how I remembered:

My journey to healing has been one of remembering. Remembering healing abilities and honouring the connection to the Divine. 


My family's lineage boasts a rich history of strong and intuitive women and energy workers spanning generations. Since childhood, I've felt a natural affinity with Mother Mary, the Divine Feminine and the Mysteries of the Universe. I felt very connected to my intuition but more often than not was labeled as being overly sensitive as I could feel everything very deeply.


However, like many, I suppressed these gifts to navigate the demands of the world. 

Instead pursuing a career in Architecture working in a very demanding job. My health began to deteriorate, having chronic migraines that would keep me stuck in dark rooms several times per week and with excruciating menstruation pain every month.

After years of unsuccessful treatments, I took interest in “alternative” therapies that taught me how to bring myself back into balance.

I learnt to listen to the needs of my body, I learnt to reconnect with my gifts, and noticed my health improve.

The body is always trying to talk to us, we just need to stop and listen.


I soon left my 9-5 to pursue a career that brought great joy and balance into my life while enriching the life of others through creative workshops designed to help people reconnect with their own gifts, intuition and creativity with a mix of mindfulness, meditation and a dash of energy work.


The pivotal moment of my reawakening occurred through one of my darkest times.


I fell pregnant with my first baby. The joy didn’t last long as I soon learned that it was an ectopic pregnancy that was putting my own life at risk and required immediate emergency surgery. I spent days going in and out of hospital and after two surgeries and many painful procedures that broke my body and heart I had both my left fallopian tube and baby removed out of my body. The fact that all of this happened for my birthday seemed like a very obscure joke at the time. But if life has shown me something, it is that things happen in divine timing for a reason.

This death of my old self was needed to make space for a strong rebirth.


I felt scared, lost and very alone in the most literal way. There is just so much suffering that your soul and body can take - when I felt that I had reached the bottom, where I only experienced complete darkness, something shifted. I felt Divinely Held by an energy that was way bigger than myself, an energy that was big enough to carry my pain while holding me with love and compassion to bring me back home to myself.


This experience triggered a remembering of my past-life abilities as a healer, reaffirmed my strong connection to the Divine Feminine - Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene, and showed me the healing potential embedded within their frequency through Rose Codes.


In the months following this devastating time in my life, while integrating and weaving my own healing, I went on a pilgrimage to the South of France.

I didn’t know why - I just knew I had to go there.

I felt something very strong guiding every step of my journey.


I had no plans, so I followed where my intuition guided me to go, and found myself at the entrance to a cave known as the Sanctuary of Mary Magdalene.  A sign at the entrance read “The Sanctuary of Mary Magdalene offers the possibility for women and men to remember children who never saw the light of day. Follow the Path of Consolation where mothers and fathers honour the memory of the children they lost before birth” -  I sat on the floor, and in that moment I was overcome with insight and emotions. I knew I had been called by Her to find my medicine and to remember and activate deeper knowledge.

I knew my purpose was to help people know they are held by something bigger than themselves, but to also help them remember that that grace is no other than their own Divinity. I wept for 2 hrs as I felt Mary Magdalene’s healing energy flowing through me washing any remaining sorrow out of my heart and womb.


You see, being highly sensitive, I could still feel the energetic imprint of the pregnancy I had lost, long after the surgery. The energy of the baby doesn’t leave your energetic body once the physical part is no longer there. The sadness, grief, guilt and shame get entangled with that energy that once was longing for love. This initiation helped me to remember how to heal myself first. With their grace and guidance, I connected to the same abilities I was gifted with in other lifetimes, where I served as an Energetic Midwife to help others who have experienced pregnancy loss, struggle to conceive or are experiencing any challenges in the many different phases of womanhood to remind them that they are never alone and forever held by The Great Mother.


My purpose & calling is to hold Sacred Space for Women.

My aim is for them to feel seen, heard & held.


Because I didn’t have the support that I needed in my darkest days, I know how important it is to have a safe, understanding person who can guide you through that path while you walk yourself back home.

My own journey has shown me that we don’t have to do everything alone, that the Great Mother is always tending her hand and heart to hold us, that we don’t need to carry all the burden, grief and pain or our own.


“Give to me what you cannot carry” was an invitation to surrender to the Alchemy of her Divine love, an invitation to remember that you are created from that same light, that you are not separate from it. It’s an invitation to release our pain with grace and awaken the Alchemist that dwells inside of each of our hearts.


This has been my lived experience and why I’m devoted to helping others reconnect to their inner Divinity in times of darkness.


This is what I hope to achieve in every session I offer wherever you are at in your own healing journey so you can always feel seen, heard & held.

Let me hold you

while you heal

xx Vanessa-01.png
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