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I'm Vanessa and I help people unlock their creativity to reconnect with

their inner-self and intuition through calligraphy experiences and

hand-crafted products.



Awaken your creativity with online and in-person workshops to learn about calligraphy and other magic.



Created with love and intention to reconnect with your soul purpose and raise your frequency through the power of words.


Beautiful Tegan

Vanessa is an attentive and talented teacher who gives a lot of individual attention to each student. This was my second workshop run by Vanessa, I love the lesson and the venue! I’m so grateful to Vanessa for taking the time to organise different inks for me to try after taking home the beautiful palette last time. Thanks to Vanessa for donating money to the fires from the proceeds of this workshop.

Im creating.JPG

Lovely Simmone

The love she puts into every order is amazing. Her message brought tears to my eyes knowing she was putting so much love into my order for my friend. Once it arrived I was blown away. It was packed so beautifully with a personal note from Vanessa. Thank you Vanessa you truly are amazing and such a kind soul ❤


Madeline, Google Team

(pinch me please)

Thank you so much for your patience and energy, Vanessa! So thoughtful to take us through everything with such clear and actionable steps. We loved seeing our progress from start to finish. A great way to spend the afternoon with our team.

Thanks again!

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