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When you are ready to work with it, yours will find you. Your pendulum will choose you.

Pendulums are a beautiful tool to connect and communicate with our higher self. All the answers to all of the questions already reside within us, as we are part of the conscious collective where all truth and light dwells. Working consistently with your pendulum, creating a pure connection with it, opens a channel that bypasses your conscious mind and speaks straight to your soul.


Your pendulum will be engraved with the letter of your choice, with love and intention.


To work and connect with your pendulum, clear your mind and space around. Hold your pendulum loosely at whatever length feels comfortable. Ask your pendulum which direction represents YES. This could be sideways swing, front/back swing, clockwise circles or anticlockwise circles. Ask your pendulum to show you NO. Now ask your pendulum YES/NO questions.


Remember to always use your pendulum to ask questions for your highest good and highest good of others, and do it with a pure and open heart.

Personalised Crystal Pendulums

Choose your Crystal
  • I am a hand made product, especially made for you with love.

    We unfortunately don't accept returns.

  • Every crystal is individually made by hand. Your order might take up to 3 weeks to be dispatched. Please anticipate approx. 4 weeks to receive your order. I appreciate your patience and support.

    If you need your order to arrive a little bit earlier please get in touch with me via email, I will do my best to help you.

    Shipping by AusPost

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