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MINI Hand engraved Empowered Crystals with love words in gold.


These cute little version of Empowered Crystals are mighty in energy.

Choose your initial and I will engrave on it by hand to make it uniquely yours.


Each Empowered Crystal is individually selected for you. Your chosen word is then carefully engraved by hand with love and intention. 



- Clear Quartz (A quality points)

- Amethyst (A quality points)


Clear Quartz is the stone of clarity. The crystal of light, reflection and amplification. The clear stone of healing and manifestation. Connect yourself to your intuition. The world is waiting for your dreams to manifest. 


Amethyst is the stone of calm. It's a natural tranquilliser. Enhances your spiritual awareness, opening your intuition and enhancing your psychic gifts.

Connects and vibrates with third eye chakra.




Approx. 2-5cm

Please note that all crystals vary significantly in size within that range.

They are all stunning :)

1 only Character  - Capital letter hand engraved by hand in Gold colour.

MINI - Empowered Crystals

Choose your Crystal
  • I am a hand made product, especially made for you with love.

    We unfortunately don't accept returns.

  • Your order will be processed, completed and dispatched within 1-2 weeks from order date. Please anticipate approx. 3 weeks including shipping. Posties have been quite busy with lockdowns, my apologies in advance for any delays with shipping. Every crystal is individually made by hand. I appreciate your patience and support.

    Shipping by AusPost.

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