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Let yourself be Divinely Held and Guided.


My intention is for you to use this Rosary in the way that best serves you.

Breathe with it, make wishes, ask for guidance, be grateful for something about your life while moving your hands through each bead, pray if that works for you.

Anything that helps you reconnect with your Divine Self and feel unconditionally loved and supported.

Make room to listen to that inner voice that is always holding you, looking after you and guiding your beautiful steps. Follow the beads to come back home to yourself.


Divine Feminine - Rose

Rhodonite: Compassion, Self-Love, Generosity. Tap into your inner gifts and talents.

Rose Quartz: Universal Love, Emotional Healing, Uniting with the Divine

Fresh Water Pearls: Faith, Integrity, Purity

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Divine Masculine - Aqua

Amazonite - Truth, Communication, Compassion

Clear Quartz - Master Healer, Clarity, Amplifier

Fresh Water Pearls: Faith, Integrity, Purity

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Hand made with love, intention and infused with divine energy and blessings.


* Please note that this first limited batch of Rosaries will be made to order, meaning that each of them will be intentionally hand-crafted and infused with best intentions uniquely for YOU. If you are buying this as a gift for someone else, please let me know the name of that person so I can set the right intention for them.


Divinely Held - Rosary (Rose & Aqua)

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