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✨ Wear your Birth Chart around your neck ✨


Handcrafted following the unique soulprint that is your Birth Chart, representing the position of the stars in the time you took your first breath.


This handmade 14kt Gold Filled necklace, is made to order for you taking your Birth Chart as a map to create this unique piece of jewellery, crafted with love and intention, infused with energy to help you align and connect with yourself and remember why you came here for.


Every crystal is infused and programmed with the magic of its ruling Zodiac Sign and planet, to best assist you in your journey back home to yourself.



14kt Real Gold Filled

Freshwater Pearls

Sterling Silver elements

Crystals (these will vary depending on your chart)


All pieces are made to order and there are not two necklaces that are the same. Time to handcraft is approx. 2 weeks to be made and programmed with lunar cycle prior to shipping. 


Can't wait to see you wearing your own Birth Chart.

The Universe is forever supporting you and your path.



Birth Chart Personalised Necklace

  • All sales are final - non-refundable due to customised nature, so if you have any questions, plase leave a note when checking out.

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